Metarace is a completely new way to Run, Compete, Train

Metarace uses artificial intelligence to allow people to safely compete remotely in real time.

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Metarace App Concept: Smarter Running with A.i. for Advanced Runner Identification, Realtime Tracking and Performance Logging. (coming soon in the app stores)

  • Artificial Intelligence - Metarace is an app that uses Artificial Intelligence to identify each runner by their biomarkers(movement signature).
  • Positione - We use GPS to locate where each runner is and where they are going.
  • Identity - Each step of their race is validated and transformed into data points.
  • Altimetry - We analyze each data point and log it into the real race route, accounting elevation gain.

Apple Watch

Metarace AI App Concept: Precision and Security Redefined (coming soon in Apple Watch)

  • AI-Driven Kinetic Signature: Metarace AI's core technology lies in its ability to recognize and analyze your unique movement patterns, creating a digital kinetic signature that ensures accurate tracking and personalized feedback.
  • Real-Time Terrain Adaptation: Experience the challenge and realism of diverse terrains as the app adjusts your virtual progress based on real-world elevation gain and exertion

Social Connectivity and XR

Metarace AI is dedicated to creating a revolutionary spatial computing running experience. By merging our existing AI-powered technology with advanced spatial computing features, we will bring unparalleled immersion and interactivity to the world of running.

  • Social Connectivity: Connect with friends, share your achievements, and motivate each other within the Metarace AI community.
  • Gamers and Social Enthusiasts: The app's virtual challenges, leaderboards, and social features will appeal to gamers and those who enjoy connecting and competing with others in a virtual environment.
  • Real-Time Terrain Adaptation: Gain valuable insights into your running performance, allowing you to track your progress, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your training.

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Expertise Strong Points

Metarace AI revolutionizes running by transforming your smartwatch into a powerful AI running companion.


Use AI to identify athetes and check the body moviment.

Real time

Track athletes in real time, and show a realtime ranking.


Long-term experience in XR applications


Our team includes doctors, physicists, AI and specialists.